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Madame Chaquita says "Pick a card...any card"

Check out a few pictures of his evolution..
and a look at my new article.

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Thanks so much for looking...email me with any questions or comments.
I am constantly working on new creations. tlpottery@charter.net

The Poultry Magazine.. may/jun 2012 issue  has my article
celebrating my modern game sculpture "Roberto".
I shipped my boy to Robert Plant in England. Enjoy!
Also available in Tractor Supply stores nationwide.

The Big Heads ALWAYS make people smile....
and each is a beautiful dreamer as well!
Susie Pauline hopes you come back again!
Still in progress...love , RQ
"Daniel & Genene"
My girls... Freckles, the smart one on the left below
and  Chaquita, the she-devil on Freck's last nerve.
Busts inspired by "THE VOICE" tv show.
Introducing Adam, Cee Lo, Christina, and Blake..
they even resemble the real people!
2014..HOYT is now fired...
named after Hoyt Axton who was a very WISE guy.
"Joy to the World" and hootie hoo! Thanks to Sam Bowen and Connie Kurth for giving him a great home.
NOW on display...

REO Speedwagon,
Mother's Finest,
Little Richard

They are now part of the MINT's
Charlotte, NC


What a fine roost he has with the
Uyesatos in
Chapel Hill, NC
Introducing "Kenny G", "Whoopi" &"Julius"...What a beautiful trio for Collector Carol Gorelick of Charlotte. I am most grateful for the commission. Thanks to all who keep me going.

Dec 2015
I am most pleased to have a new commission from
the world-reknown Singaporean artist Ernest Goh.
For those not familiar, check out this fabulous video
documenting chicken "beauty pageants" in Malaysia.
click here for video..DONT let the name scare you!
plus go to Ernest goh's website or facebook for all the latest.
Ernest has a new book out in US now called "Chickens".
The chickens in video are in his book, among other breeds.
I'll be shipping a polish hen bust to Singapore,
or if anyone has a lear jet that can hand-carry my child
to Singapore in the new year, give me a holler!
PEACE & LOVE, Tammy Leigh

Check out
TV 8
You will see me working on
Thanks to
Roy Ackland
David Weatherly


Thanks to Sawtooth
School & gallery for a great exhibition.
Nov 2012
Winston-Salem, NC
  I am fortunate to be one of 32 self-taught artists featured in this new release by Margaret Allen.
I have known Margaret for years and she is passionate about writing and is very knowledgeable about the Folk Art
movement in this country.
"When the Spirit Speaks:
Self-taught Art of the South"
Schiffer book publishers.
Available now worldwide
****March 5,2015****** Interview on WHKYTV of the author,
Margaret Allen, along with me and "Minnie" the polish chick.
Thanks to WHKY's Fentress and Mike for being so gracious.
click here
I AM NOT retiring from CLAY..just festivals..I have decided to work on commissions and sell any extra sculptures myself ...
without  having to risk taking them out and about.
Pieces are very limited due to time and energy put into them.
(My "Queen of the Universe" is in "Prized Pieces" exhibition)

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