introducing......"TOM" #1...my very first wild turkey
gobble gobble gobble!
****update****Tom ran off with Priscilla (a lovely wall-hen)
to a commune in Chapel Hill, NC....one of the coolest roosts around.Thanks to the Uyesato acquisition committee for 
adding even more love to their eclectic brood. 
Before he flew the coop, he posed with the
QUEEN OF THE UNIVERSE. They have had a special bond.
*** update .. The QUEEN  is now part of the Hickory Museum of Art's permanent collection.
Thank you, Billy Lackey!
Check out these very special "rooster mommas"!

some of my "fowl" sculptures are available at
Southern Pottery Workcenter and Gallery
3105 Devine Street,  Columbia, South Carolina
803.251.3001 Tues - Fri 11am - 6pm Sat 10am - 6pm
Huge thanks to Ms. Donna  for believing in me and
giving me support over many years.

Thanks for looking....feel free to email with any questions. tlpottery@charter.net

Guinea, guinea some lovin', everyday!
Introducing "Daniel", "Genene" and their good friend
and super hero,"Spiderman".
Guinea fowl Daniel and Genene went to live with their new
mom and dad in Chapel Hill ,NC .
Huge thanks to the "real" Daniel and Genene for
commissioning these birds.
I am fortunate and grateful
to have had their continued support for many years.
     "REO Speedwagon", "Mother's Finest"
     & "Wild Child"

"REO & Mother's Finest" ,along with baby chick
"Little Richard" are in the permanent collection of
the MINT RANDOLPH in Charlotte, NC .
"Spiderman" has been adopted by
Kitty Taylor  of Lexington, Ky. Huge thanks to  Kitty, and to Nancy Shuford for letting Spiderman hitch a ride on a horse trailor from Hickory NC to Lexington KY.
Reports are he loves his new roost...
the Peacock

Sincerest thanks
my client
for giving my
first peacock
a happy home
on top of her
grande piano!

Edwin is
accustomed to
great music so
his new roost is
very fitting.

It's a
love affair
in the world
of "peafowl"

Edwin now has
a mate for life,
a lovely peahen

"TULL...JETRHO TULL", this colorful polish roo
  lives on lake norman, in the denver area,
with proud parents Leslie and Joe Chandler.
A FINE roost , indeed! I am most grateful!

Thanks to the Hickory Museum of Art for purchasing
"THE POLE SITTER" , a handsome guinea fowl.
Always great to see my cosmic brother, Darrell Scott!
"It's a great day to be alive, I know the sun's still shining
when i close my eyes."

Susan travelled from Alabama to pick up her boy, "THE JUDGE".
Now that is one happy chick..and so is Claudia from NC,(below)
She is beaming with joy as we prepare "MR. DOODLE-DO"
for his roadtrip home
to his new roost.

In this pic , Ms. Sarah drove up from Atlanta to pick up her "Sweet Peeps",They fell in love immediately..
it's obvious.
Thanks to all for giving my "children"  a great home
and allowing me to pay the bills..Lots of love going on!
This polish chicken brood is a commission for
a  new client in the DC area..Thank you!
We have the roo, "Fairfield", the hen "Mimi", and chick "Minnie".

On occasion, I create these botanical platters.
The complete design is created from various plant materials.
THIS BEAR platter celebrated the Darrell Scott album "10",
a tribute to the late singer/songwriter/physician Ben Bullington.
Darrell and sons met up with Ben and sons while camping in Yellowstone. A large bear was a surprise guest!

The "KING" is in the building! This great architectural piece and
the NEW YEAR"S BABY are back home from being displayed
in the HMA shop. They are both available.



(inspired by the video and book by Ernest Goh).
The chicken beauty pageants in Malaysia are pure inspiration!
The Hickory Museum of Art Guild just voted "YES" to acquire "Pageant Material" for their permanent collection. I am most grateful.

Chicken "Beauty Pageant"  WINNER!
"Mr. Universe" is the 2nd sculpture inspired by the photography and videography by Singaporean Artist Ernest Goh.
Ernest commissioned a beautiful polish hen bust .
We decided that "JOY" is the perfect name for her.

Here are a few pics of the creation process.
Update on the "Family Patriarch"..
I had created him in 2015, but his glaze job just did'nt pop.
He got a Father's day makeover in 2016 that he loves.
Cindy & Tom Lundy also loved him and they
added him to their collection. Happy Birthday, Cindy!
Thank you both for over 20 years of support!
"Bonnie & Clyde"  are available in my home studio.
Juno is a very handsome boy . I created him summer 2016 in celebration of NASA's spacecraft reaching Jupiter's orbit. He is glazed in a cosmic, cobalt blue woodash glaze. Great red comb and wattles compliment his adventurous smile! I just saw some great photos/ videos posted on the spacecraft Juno's 6th orbit around Jupiter May 19, 2017. He is a pleasure to live with!

For 2018,  New Merch is now available thru Hickory Museum of Art  Galleria and "The Galleries" in Concord, NC thru the Cabarrus County Arts Council. Thanks to all who work in the shops for their help. I now have journals, puzzles, magnet sets,  and notecards with images of the "children"! The large journal is not ruled so it can also be a sketchbook. I am creating more fun items with all of these photos I have taken over
the last 14 years of creating fowl. 
Thank you,Nan, for giving my special girl a loving home.
Happy Birthday!
Mother Earth &
Therapy Roo
landed in a dream home in the NC mountains together forevermore! Thank you, Sandy, for your support
and loving energy. I know my girl and big blue roo are in the perfect  roost! Enjoy!

"MR. Universe"
is available in my home studio.

SOLD! Thank you , Ms. Mary in N.H.,
for giving Juno the perfect roost.

OCT 2018  I have just created 2 new botanical platters.
Here we have a lovely polish chicken and a new bear.
NOV 2018 i just fired "BUGS" and
his mate "BUNNY" is smitten!
They make a lovely couple and are available!
"DADDY RAY" 2018
was created in loving memory of
Ray Lackey.
Thanks to Billy Ray
for wanting to
honor his father in
this special way.
If you love
it is all thanks to Daddy Ray!